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Strong Communities

We are now accepting community partner applications for the 2013-14 school year. Please click HERE to view our sponsor opportunities.

Please be sure to show your support for our current Community Partners!

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Starling Wins Grant


Lowe’s Donates Money For Making Outdoor Learning a Reality

Starling Elementary School has received a $5,000 Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant for Making Outdoor Learning a Reality through the creation of an Outdoor Classroom.

 We are thrilled to announce that Lowe’s has awarded Starling Elementary School funding for the Outdoor Classroom. Our grant application was based on the goal of improving the quality of the learning community at Starling. We look forward to sharing the Outdoor Classroom with the Starling community. This project will improve our school and in turn benefit our community by opening our student’s minds and bringing textbooks to life during the formative K-5 years.

 The Outdoor Classroom is a learning environment available year-round for educational enrichment designed to give Starling Elementary School students the opportunity to participate in engaging, hands-on science activities. Further, we anticipate that ultimately the space will be incorporated into the lesson plans of every teacher at Starling.  The work on Phase I of this project began Spring 2012 and we expect that Phase II of the project will be completed no later than Fall 2013.

 “We wish to thank our friends at Lowe’s for generously supporting and sharing the importance of our vision of outdoor learning,” said Nicole Brogden, Environmental Education Committee Co-Chair & Outdoor Classroom Project Leader.

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GCPS is now offering ONLINE payment for school dues and fees via online MyPaymentsPlus.  Log on now and pay school fees HERE.

Welcome to MyPaymentsPlus
Your One-Stop-Shop for all School Related Payments

Free registration gives you 24/7 access to:

  • Student cafeteria balances and purchase history
  • Prepayments for breakfast/lunch, with auto-pay capability
  • Low balance e-mail reminders
  • AP exam registration and payment
  • Online open house and curriculum night
  • Summer school registration and payment
  • Other fees and activities such as yearbooks, uniforms, field trips and more!

*Attention Kindergarten parents:

If you have not been provided with your student’s mealpay account number by your teacher, you can contact the school office to obtain this information.

Starling Elementary School


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We’re looking…

for a few good Dads!

 Starling’s FBI (Fathers Being Involved) is looking for a few men to join  a planning team.

This group will meet to plan events for Starling’s FBI to participate in that may include:

  • Movie Night with Dad
  • Bingo Concession
  • Spring Festival Grill
  • Family Workday for Outdoor Classroom
  • Bowling Night
  • Donuts with Dad
  • Mentoring/Tutoring
  • Chili Cook-Off
  • Small building projects to enhance our campus

EMAIL for more information.




National FATHERHOODInitiative

Georgia PTA Dad’s Initiative mission is to enhance positive relationships between fathers and their children and encourage cooperative parenting by educating, empowering and encouraging fathers to stay actively involved in their children’s lives.

Children that are raised with involved, responsible and committed fathers do better in school, life and in work. The Dad’s Initiative program works to educate and encourage dads across the state of Georgia to be the best dads they can be!

Dads make a tremendous difference in the lives of their children!

Some dads communicate high expectations, and their children struggle to feel accepted and appreciated because nothing ever quite measures up.

These dads might inadvertently communicate that their love is conditional: “If you keep practicing, maybe next year you’ll win first place.” They may actually be proud of their children, but they can’t express it positively. Somehow, a simple compliment isn’t enough. They feel a need always to add a point of instruction. “That was great, son, but next time do this or that.” Their children learn that love has strings attached.

Still, expectations can motivate children to reach high achievements. Dad, here are five suggestions for using expectations in a positive way:

First, list the expectations you have for your children in areas like school, sports, behavior, and so on. As objectively as you can, look at each one and ask, “Is this expectation realistic? Is it too easy or too difficult?” Then ask this tough question: “Does my child feel like he has to excel to earn my love?”

Second, dad, communicate your expectations positively. Instead of relaying the message, “You must do this …,” give your child lots of “You can do this” messages.

Third, be aware of your children’s strengths, weaknesses, interests and dreams. One of the great dangers of fathering is molding your children into your own image instead of helping them discover who they have been created to be. But a healthy awareness of your children will help you avoid that common fathering mistake.

Fourth, be a reliable model. When you demonstrate the behavior that you expect from your children, the limits and expectations you place on them make more sense. They know that, when you lay out certain rules for them to follow, you also live by that standard.

Finally, love your child no matter what. A child who’s appreciated and accepted for who he is — regardless of his performance — won’t feel pressure, but freedom. He’ll have the self-esteem and confidence to excel.

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